Sunday, November 16, 2014

4 bit news - Ukraine scraps all functioning infrastructure in pro-Russian Ukraine

Ukraine scraps all functioning infrastructure in pro-Russian Ukraine

  1. Kiev has suspended the protection of human rights (right to life, the prohibition of torture and slavery, and the right not to be subjected to unlawful punishment) and ordered the withdrawal of all its institutionsfrom areas controlled by local militia in the nation’s east. Rebels have branded the decree, which hits the population on winter’s eve, an ‘act of genocide.’
  2. The move was prepared by the Ukraine National Security and Defense Council last week and enacted by a presidential decree signed on Friday. It has yet to be ratified by the newly-elected parliament, but the decree explicitly says that this procedure must be expedited – so there is little doubt that the new governing coalition will adopt it next week.
  3. They will apply a permanent suspension to all state-owned companies and their employees and to prisoners serving terms in the affected rebel held areas of Ukraine. The Ukrainian central bank has been ordered to stop servicing all banks operating in the rebel-held areas. The accounts of individuals living there and companies located there have already been frozen. This will stifle the local economy, as businesses will have to conduct transactions in cash or use a bartering system.
  4. Heating and power plants will be subjected to special measures. If individual power bills are not paid, power will be switched off but with no functioning banking system it is inevitable that energy supplies will be shut down as the onset of winter appears. One can only assume this to be a deliberate act to punish the people in those areas and that the EU and IMF are comfortable with such acts.

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