Sunday, November 16, 2014

The NHS starts to implode – right on target as predicted in 2004


The NHS starts to implode – right on target as predicted in 2004

  1. It’s not often The Daily Mail comes to the defence of the NHS. It spends many column inches damning the service and all of its doctors as the mouthpiece of a government whose Raison d’être is of a privatisation agenda. However, even The Daily mail has conceded with it’s headline “Full extent of NHS cash crisis revealed” – The NHS is on a ‘knife edge’ which could lead to ‘unexpected disasters’, a senior boss has admitted”.
  2. It continues – Paul Baumann, the health service’s finance chief, gave a stark warning after it emerged hospital waiting times are at their worst for six-and-a-half years. It came as a report revealed the number of hospitals needing emergency government bailouts has doubled in 12 months.
  3. The National Audit Office said 31 trusts had handouts last year, costing more than half a billion pounds. MPs and health experts said the situation was ‘deeply alarming’. Figures released yesterday show 3.2million patients are waiting for operations, scans and treatment – the most since April 2008. This includes 37,712 waiting for surgery longer than the Government target of 18 weeks – nearly double the number in May 2010.
  4. So, there we have it. Proof that the NHS is finally imploding under this governments deliberate mismanagement that will require the magical powers of private vested interests to solve all of it’s woes. In just a few years time all NHS services will be up for bid and the people of Britain will wonder why they allowed such a dreadful act of societal betrayal to happen. But, they were warned weren’t they! Tory MP Oliver Letwin predicted in 2004 that the NHS would no longer exists after 5 years of a Tory government. And, it’s smack on target; just one little election in it’s way.

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