Monday, December 9, 2013

Facebook appears to be censoring liberal content and Conservatives are reporting posts in lockstep

Facebook appears to be censoring liberal content and Conservatives are reporting posts in lockstep

December 9, 2013
For some reason an innocuous post and image was removed by Facebook, which brings up a few problems with the behemoth social site. Actually, there are a couple of problematic issues.
Conservatives are joining groups in order to report posts en masse thus having liberal posts removed. That information comes from a good source, but I prefer to not name the Conservative groups unless we’re left with no other options. For the record, I know one of the ringleaders’ names but again, I don’t want to go that route yet.
In addition, another problem is that Facebook seems to be throttling liberal sites’ pages, resulting in the pages not reaching the amount of people which they did previously. Numerous sites have mentioned this problem to me during the last week.
This the the post removed by Facebook from a liberal page who prefers to remain anonymous because they’re fearful of attacks.

What this amounts to is censorship. The page in question is massive so that’s likely whey they were targeted by the Conservative censors.
Seeing one page as a threat to one’s ideology, then reporting en masse, while touting the word ‘freedom’ is disingenuous. There is room for all of us on Facebook, whether you lean to the left or the right.
More speculation: Facebook holding back liberal pages. That theory comes from a reliable source, and we have to ask why. So, if it’s because the site wants more ads placed, then that’s hardly the way to go about it. In the past, if I used an ad, I would normally do so because there was already attention given to one post. Why pay for an ad if the post is getting little attention? (rhetorical question alert).
Ads would hardly help us in this case, if the boot of another social site is firmly placed on our necks. Here at FreakOutNation, we have had issues of censorship with two different social sites.
During the past year, we have spent close to $1500.00 on ads, which seems to be for no reason at all if Facebook is holding back our page from reach of their community. Other liberal pages are facing the very same issue, with some of them spending far more money than we did.
I have removed the name of the liberal page, due to concerns of more provocation and attacks by Conservatives.

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