Monday, March 14, 2011

What's up at Fukushima Daiichi - Karl Denninger

1. Readings of 100mSv @ Reactor #4 with the INDUSTRIAL fire. This is utterly inconsistent with the sort of doomsday massive cladding failure scenario that some have propounded here. There's no ****ING WAY that number is that low with that event. There may be rod DAMAGE in the pool, but they're NOT BURNING - the radiation levels there would be off the charts. 100mSv can be sustained by a man for an hour or two without immediate acute harm. In other words, they can still work there.

2. The 300-400mSv readings are around #2 and #3. We know #2 and #3 have a SERIOUS core breach but the containment is CLOSED. These levels are consistent with that serious core breach and a containment that is still closed. The release is mostly from the venting required to keep the containment integrity with a partially-melted core. Again, you can do emergency things there, but not for long - you don't want to take more than a few minutes (10, 15ish) of that exposure and that's not desirable.

I have no solid information on the deltas and values for either pressure or temperature in either #1, #2 or #3. I have conflicting reports for all of them but am not comfortable with any of the information and its quality. #4 was shut down at the time of the event so the only fuel there is in the pool - the reactor is empty as it was shut down and unloaded for maintenance.

There are unconfirmed reports the INDUSTRIAL FIRE at #4 is OUT. Again, if there was a catastrophic pool failure there that would be impossible.

In other GOOD NEWS, the other plant (#2) is at COLD SHUTDOWN for all four units. All four are STABLE, as I posted in the other thread; destroyed pump motors were replaced and the units are on auxiliary power and stable.

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2011-03-14 23:22:56
Mike, a 100mSv reading at #4 is utterly inconsistent with an exposed cladding fire. That's basically a raw set of rods out in the open with zero shielding and burning. Radiation levels if that is happening would be OFF THE CHARTS.

But they're not - the readings reported are 100mSv. NOBODY is going to be working in the area of an open cladding fire but there are people working there.

The reported numbers are consistent with a severely damaged core inside the containment. They are NOT with an open fuel fire - that's immediately fatal to anyone in the vicinity - we're talking about Sv (NO PREFIX) level exposures if that happened.

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* Alpha particles: Alpha particles lose energy very quickly in the air. By the time they are an inch or two (2-5 centimeters) away from their source they have become harmless. Alpha particles only go through skin with open cuts or sores. Alpha particles are stopped by any clothing or even a piece of paper. If alpha particles are breathed in, swallowed, or get into a cut or sore on your skin, they may harm you.

* Beta particles: Beta particles can travel several feet (1 meter) in open air. They can burn your skin because they can go through skin for up to about an inch (2 centimeters). Beta particles are easily stopped by any solid material, including heavy clothing. Beta particles are most dangerous if they are breathed in, swallowed, or get into a cut or sore on your skin.

* Gamma rays: Gamma rays are higher energy. They are not particles. Gamma rays travel at the speed of light. They can travel hundreds to thousands of yards (meters) before their energy is gone. Gamma rays can pass through many kinds of materials, including human beings. Gamma rays are stopped only by distance, or very dense materials like lead. Like alpha and beta particles, gamma rays can be inhaled from the air or swallowed with a food or water source. Gamma rays may affect organs like the liver and stomach, and other parts deep in your body. These rays destroy tissue and cause sickness and death.

* Neutron rays: Neutrons are usually the result of fallout. Fallout happens after an atomic blast. The ground absorbs a lot of radiation after an atomic blast. The exposed radioactive ground then rises as a cloud (fallout) and neutrons are carried by winds to other places. Neutrons can be inhaled from the air or swallowed with a food or water source.

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