Thursday, October 10, 2013

Alyssa Milano talks Dodgers playoffs, Obamacare and disenchanting politics

Alyssa Milano talks Dodgers playoffs, Obamacare and disenchanting politics

Thu 10/10 3:00 PM EDT (Lifetime)
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With the World Series a possibility now that the Dodgers clinched the NLDS,"Mistresses" star and "Project Runway All Stars" host Alyssa Milano is in overdrive rooting for her beloved Dodgers.

"I hope they go all the way," she tells Zap2it. "But I am enough of a baseball fan to know anything can happen. I cross every part of my body and just pray. Everything is clicking. Those are usually the elements that bring a team what every fan wants."

For those who have been following Milano's Twitter feed, rest easy. Her phone was returned to her after she left it on a plane over the weekend. Flight attendants had it and no info has been leaked, she says.

Milano continues to tweet about baseball, fashion, her toddler son, and the Affordable Care Act. 

"Any issue I believe in, I am always very vocal about," Milano says. "And the #getcovered campaign is important because there is so much information that is not there about Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act, and I'm making sure it is accessible to people."

Despite the tweets, and passing along stories about the government shut down, Milano has zero interest in casting her lot into politics.

"I am so disenchanted by politics," she says. "I would never even consider it my interest. It is more than I want to leave a better world for my son and I try to be vocal about the things that are important."

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