Monday, October 14, 2013

Incompetent! BOA Customer for 20 years moving all other accounts after this ordeal.

Brad C.
Pinellas Park, FL  |  September 13, 2013
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Everyone one I dealt with in Richmond Center was completely unable to think critically or comprehend written words. Once they misinterpreted the inspection reports on the most minor issue to a doorframe there was no going back. I had to finally threaten to yank the loan completely to get to close. No straight answers ever. Moving goalposts. Couldn't understand contract close by date and the close date THEY chose could be different dates. It was like they had never done this before.

Gustavus A.
Menlo Park, CA  |  July 06, 2013
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These folks are terrible & unethical. The more qualified you are the faster you should run to Wells Fargo or anyone else. They will "lock" you into an above market rate and if the rates go down ... voila you will get a laon and they pocket the change. But if rates go up they will string you out forever.

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